218VEI - Victron Energy Interface


The 218VEI provides control and monitoring capabilities for Victron Energy's VE.Bus range of products.


Frequently asked questions

I dont have control of the Victron device modes from my 218VEI or E-Logic ?

This problem was apparent in all versions of 218VEI firmware PRIOR to V2.10, check distributor resources for latest firmware upgrade

When the VE.Bus LEDs are blinking out of phase, do the outputs on the module also blink out of phase?

Yes, the outputs on the module mimic the relative phase of the LEDs on the VE.Bus device. This means that if two LEDs are blinking alternately on the VE.Bus device, they will also be blinking alternately on the 218VEI. Please note however that the 218VEI does not mimic the absolute phase of the LEDs. This means that there may be a delay between an LED blinking on the VE.Bus device, and the same LED blinking on the 218VEI.

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