356DRIM - Dual Relay, Quad Input Module


Dual Relay, Quad Input Module

This bus powered module provides 2 normally open relays, and 4 inputs that can be configured active high or active low. It is commonly used for generator control. There is no manual override ability for the relays so they would normally be used in momentary configuration, to control a generator that can be controlled elsewhere.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does active low mean in the unique properties?

The 4 inputs of this module can be individually configured to work with active high or active low signals, this is set in the unique properties dialogue box. Active low will enable a pull-up, which means that connecting the input to battery negative will make the output in E-Logic true. If left floating, or pulled to supply volts it will read false. If active low is disabled, the input will be configured as active high. Connecting the input to the supply voltage will then register as true, whereas leaving it floating, or pulling it to battery negative will register as false.

For generator control, for example, you might use 1 input to monitor an oil pressure switch that connects to the engine block when the pressure is low. You would configure this input to be active low. If you were using another input to detect an output from the alternator, this would be configured as active high.

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