436MMX - Multi Module x10


E-Plex 10 channel multi module with ten dimmers, fault indicators and switch outputs.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the value of the dim speed in the unique properties relate to the actual dimming time?

The time in seconds to dim a channel from 0 % to 100 % (or 100 % to 0 %) is equal to $ \frac {20} {dim\ speed} $. So for example, a dim speed of 2 will give a dimming time of $ \frac {20} {2} = 10 $ seconds, and a dim speed of 5 will give a dimming time of $ \frac {20} {5} = 4 $ seconds.

Which LED lamps are supported by 436MMX?

The following LED lamps have been tested with the 436MMX:

Manufacturer Supported Dimming curve Notes
BCM Yes Positive Requires the BCM constant current driver.
Cantalupi No -
Constant voltage LED strips (RGB) See notes Positive Must be common cathode.
Constant voltage LED strips (white) Yes Positive
LEDingLight Yes Negative
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