450ECM - Economy Clock Module


E-Plex economy slim clock module with flush LCD display, integrated electroluminescent backlight, and 4 times the logic flash of a 400ECM.


Frequently Asked Questions

My 450ECM works correctly in streaming mode, but I am unable to search for modules, or perform a program all. Is the module faulty?

There is a known issue with the 450ECM, where the data mode (i.e. not streaming mode) communications do not work properly when there is pressure on the touch screen. We hope to release a firmware fix for this in the near future. The work-around, is to ensure that there is nothing touching the screen during data mode communications, this may include the clip on bezel, if it doubt remove the bezel. To overcome the issue of the bezel applying pressure to the touch panel a new screen location piece is available part number MC0065-2, contact e-plex for details.

If you continue to experience communications problems when there is nothing touching the screen, contact your dealer.

My 450ECM displays the message "Double Pulse". What does this mean?

This indicates that two or more modules have been connected to the bus with overlapping addresses. To resolve dis-connect modules until the module carrying the duplicate address is identified.

My 450ECM displays the message "Double Pulse @ 1". What does this mean?

This message can indicate one of two conditions:

  1. A module is continuously responding. Remove modules from the bus one at a time until the offending module has been identified.
  2. Battery volts on bus is stopping all communication. Check the bus wiring.

My 450ECM displays the message "Data Error". What does this mean?

This may occur due to variety of factors, generally the system will ignore these until it gets to a point where the system can not operate and the message will change to System Error.

My 450ECM displays the message "System Error". What does this mean?

The clock is seeing continuous data errors, and is unable to function. This may occur if one module is not working correctly and is putting invalid data onto the bus. To resolve identify module(s) generating errors.

I have programmed the touch regions, but one or more regions aren't working properly. What am I doing wrong?

The X and Y axes can be inverted in the module calibration program. If these are not set correctly, the touch regions will not behave as expected. When set correctly, pressing in the top left corner will give low readings for both axes, and pressing in the bottom right corner will give high readings for both axes.

Note: In E-Logic releases before V1.10.0, the X and Y axes are incorrectly labelled. In V1.10.0 and later, he axis labelled as X is the horizontal axis, and the axis labelled as Y is the vertical axis.

What do the Voltage C terminal and E-Plex output do?

Due to an error in the hardware design, this terminal does not perform any useful function, and should not be connected. The E-Plex output will always read as zero.

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