E-Plex Displays


There are a number of options for creating touchscreen displays as part of an E-Plex system. They have slightly different capabilities that are outlined below.

PC based Displays

You can use a Windows based PC, running E-Logic as a display for an E-plex system. An option called interface mode is enabled in E-Logic to tell it to do this.

The normal startup sequence is as follows:

  • Power is applied to the PC, and it boots normally. We recommend XP embedded for best results as it is simple to remove unnecessary Windows features.
  • E-Logic application is started automatically because it has been placed in the Startup folder.
  • E-Logic has the correct file set to auto open in preferences.
  • Because interface mode is selected, a touch screen is opened and the Windows start bar is hidden.

The PC display can be connected to the E-Plex system in two different ways.

  1. Via the serial port on a 400ECM or 450ECM and a serial cable of less than 5 metres. For this option, you would use a PCDISPLAY object in E-logic.
  2. Via a 218ESL E-Plex to serial interface. This can then be connected anywhere on the system. In this case, you would use a 218ESL object in E-Logic.

In either case, when you create the display in E-logic you will need to specify the resolution of the final display you are going to use. The directly connected PC display has the advantage that it can be used to reprogram the whole system without requiring a laptop.

Apple iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone


By using the 801iPlex interface, you can integrate Apple iPad, iPod and iPhone devices via wifi.

801IPLEX - iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch interface



The 350LCD is a dedicated 10” colour touchscreen, with design and control integrated into E-Logic.

350LCD - 10" Colour LCD Display

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