218CHL - Domestic Chiller Interface


The 218CHL provides control and monitoring of Dometic chillers using their RS232 interface.

E-Logic Software Object

E-Logic object


Input Type Description
Power Digital Bringing this pin high will toggle the power of the chiller.
Mode Digital Bringing this pin high will toggle the operating mode of the chiller (heat/cool).
Output Type Description
Unit ID 8-bit analogue
Mode of Oper Analogue (8-bit)
Stages Avail Analogue (8-bit)
Bypassed Stages Analogue (8-bit)
Stages On/Off Analogue (8-bit)
Return Temp Stage 1 Analogue (8-bit)
Supply Temp Stage 1 Analogue (8-bit)
Stage 1 Supply Temp Analogue (8-bit)
Stage 2 Supply Temp Analogue (8-bit)
Stage 3 Supply Temp Analogue (8-bit)
Stage 4 Supply Temp Analogue (8-bit)
Stage 5 Supply Temp Analogue (8-bit)
Stage 6 Supply Temp Analogue (8-bit)
Stages Not Responding Analogue (8-bit)
Stages Locked Out Analogue (8-bit)
Stage 1 Fault Analogue (8-bit)
Stage 2 Fault Analogue (8-bit)
Stage 3 Fault Analogue (8-bit)
Stage 4 Fault Analogue (8-bit)
Stage 5 Fault Analogue (8-bit)
Stage 6 Fault Analogue (8-bit)


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of serial cable do I need to connect the 218CHL to the Dometic chiller?

A standard modem cable (male connector on one end, female on the other, no crossed wires) should be used.

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