218RECV - Serial Receiver Module


Allows serial commands to be sent to an E-Plex system using a customisable protocol.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the serial communication parameters for the 218RECV?

Baud rate9600
Data bitsEight
Stop bitsOne
Flow controlNone

What is the communications protocol used by the 218RECV?

Other than the 8-byte packet length, the 218RECV protocol is fully customisable. There are three ways to define the messages to use in the system.

  1. RECVPROC objects can be used to define 8-byte frames. Connect the outputs of the 218RECV to the inputs of one or more RECVPROC objects, and set the desired message value in each RECVPROC's custom properties. If the byte-pattern on the inputs of an RECVPROC matches the specified pattern when the RX input goes high, the output will bet set high until the RX input goes low. With this method, you can only decode frames that contain byte values in the printable ASCII range (32 - 126). The RECVPROC will only set its output high if all inputs match the specified pattern. It is not possible to ignore one or more bytes.
  2. Button objects can be used to match any byte value on any of the inputs. By connecting the outputs of multiple button objects to the inputs of AND gates, you can match multi-byte patterns. The byte outputs of the 218RECV hold their values until a new frame has been received. This means that once a button object identifies a match on its input, the output will remain high until a frame is received with a different value at that byte position. It may therefore be necessary to provide additional logic to tie the output of the button object to the receive pin on the 218RECV. Unlike the RECVPROC, button objects are not restricted to printable ASCII characters, and can be used to decode any byte value (0 - 255).
  3. Standard E-Logic objects can be used to apply custom processing to the received values.

The 218RECV uses the same hardware as the 218ESL. Is it possible to convert one into the other?

Yes, simply use the bootloader to install the desired firmware.

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