331BMI - Battery Monitor Inductive


E-Plex battery monitor with voltage and current monitoring.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install this module?

The 331BMI should be installed on the positive battery lead, with the terminals pointing towards the battery. All connections should be made the other side of the battery monitor so that it reads the total current going in or out of the battery. The red wire should be protected by a 1A fuse and connected to the positive terminal of the battery. The negative terminal of the battery needs to be common with the negative terminal of the E-plex clock.

Why don't the values I get in E-logic make any sense?

The 331BMI will report voltage in 10ths of a Volt- e.g. 24.7 Volts would return a value of 247. If you are using the value in a calculation, you will need to adjust for this. If you are simply displaying the value on an E-plex display, you need to tick the decimal check box in the layout editor so that it displays properly.

It will report current in Amps, but centered around 512. So 5 Amps charging, would return 517, and 5 Amps discharge would return a value of 507. You can use the ABSVAL10 object to return just the Amps, and a COMPARE object to establish if the battery is being charged or discharged. If you are just displaying the value, use the negative check box.

What does 'time out reading module key' mean?

The E-logic specification has changed over time to request more data from the modules. If the module does not support this request for information then you will get the time out warning. This does not cause a problem, and has been fixed as of V2.04. Older firmware versions can be updated to prevent the message from being displayed.

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