338QFT - Quad analogue input 4-20 mA


The 338QFT has four analogue current inputs capable of measuring signals in the range of 4-20 mA.


Frequently asked questions

What are the functions of the pins on the 338QFT?

The 338QFT has two connectors; a 3-pin white connector and an 8-pin grey connector.

On the white connector, pin 1 is the pin farthest from the grey connector.

Pin Function
1 E-Plex +ve (required)
2 E-Plex -ve (required)
3 Auxiliary 12/24 V supply
(required for revB1 onwards,
optional for earlier hardware)

On the grey connector, pin 1 is the pin farthest from the white connector.

Pin Function
1 Sensor 1 supply
2 Sensor 1 input
3 Sensor 2 supply
4 Sensor 2 input
5 Sensor 3 supply
6 Sensor 3 input
7 Sensor 4 supply
8 Sensor 4 input

How do I connect my sensor to the 338QFT?

Most sensors will have the following connections (exact names will vary): Vin, Ground, sensor output. For these sensors, the Vin and Ground should be connected to the battery (note: the ground connection must be to the same battery -ve that connects to the E-Plex clock. Do not connect the sensor ground to the ground connection on the 338QFT). The sensor output should be connected to one of the sensor inputs on the 338QFT.

Some sensors have a Vin and sensor output, but no ground connection. For these sensors, connect Vin to one of the supply outputs on the 338QFT, and the sensor output to the corresponding input connection.

What do the LEDs on the 338QFT mean?

The LED labelled active is an E-Plex activity LED. Whenever E-Plex is streaming, or the module test program for this module is open, the LED should blink. The other LEDs are fault indicators for the sensor supply outputs. A lit LED indicates that there is a fault in the connected sensor.

When I try to update the firmware I see the message "Time out enabling boot loader.". How can I update my module?

The bootloader was only added to this module in V2.01. If you want to upgrade a module with V2.00 firmware, you must either use an AVR programmer, or return the module to E-Plex.

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