361SIM - Magnum Inverter Interface


Obsolete magnum inverter interface.

E-Logic Software Object

E-Logic object


Input Type Description
Invert Digital
Charge Digital
Equalize Digital
Bat Type Digital
Bat Size Analogue (16-bit)
Shore Amps Analogue (16-bit)
Fah Digital
Search Watts Analogue (16-bit)
Charge Amps Analogue (16-bit)
Battery Cutoff Analogue (16-bit)
VAC Cutoff Analogue (16-bit)
Output Type Description
Status Analogue (8-bit)
DC Volts Analogue (10-bit)
DC Amps Analogue (10-bit)
Bat Temp Analogue (10-bit)
Bat Flts Analogue (8-bit)
Invert Digital
Charge Digital



When I interrogate the module, E-Logic reports "Data Error checking streaming on module at address XX!", is my module faulty?

There is a bug in the command that E-Logic uses to check whether or not streaming has been enabled. This module must have streaming enabled, but E-Logic is unable to verify that it has been enabled successfully. You can ignore this message as long as the module communicates when you start streaming. If the module does not communicate in streaming mode, check that it has been programmed correctly. If it still does not communicate, it is faulty.

As this module is now obsolete, it is unlikely that this bug will be fixed.

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