422QMM - Quad Multi Module


The 422QMM is a 4 channel digital I/O module. The module has 4 channels which can be independently configured as digital inputs or digital outputs, as well as 2 additional ground switching inputs. Channels 1 and 2 can also be configured as dimmable outputs. The 422QMM features a manual mode to allow operation of outputs without a functioning E-Plex connection. It can drive up to 5 Amps per channel, and sense current with 0.1 Amp accuracy, making it ideal for navigation lights.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there three different E-Logic objects for the 422QMM?

Different objects are used to activate different features of the module. It is important to note that the same hardware is used for all 3 images. The different objects determine whether a given channel is dimmable or not. There are three combinations: no dimmers, channel #1 is dimmable, and channels #1 & #2 are dimmable. The control pins on the left side of the object change for each image.

How does the feedback channel on the 422QMM work?

The feedback channel on the 422QMM indicates if there is voltage on the channel or not. On dimmed channels, this pin will be true if the dimmer level is greater than 0%. On non-dimmed channels, this pin will be true if voltage is detected on that output. This pin is used when a channel is used as an input. This pin can also be used to check for an open circuit. When open circuit detection is enabled in the 422QMM's Unique Properties, if there is a fault and the feedback is still on, you know it is an open circuit fault.

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