442EMS - 8 channel AC distribution module with Transfer Switch


E-Plex AC distribution module transfer switch and 8 independent channels. Each channel is capable of up to 20A AC, at up to 250V.
It also features voltage, current and frequency monitoring from single phase sources, or from split phase 240V supplies.
It can accept two inputs (typically shore and generator) at up to 75A each and perform automatic or manual transfers between them.

E-Logic object

Pin descriptions

Input Type Description
Relay1 Digital Hold high to turn on relay 1.
Relay2 Digital Hold high to turn on relay 2.
Relay3 Digital Hold high to turn on relay 3.
Relay4 Digital Hold high to turn on relay 4.
Relay5 Digital Hold high to turn on relay 5.
Relay6 Digital Hold high to turn on relay 6.
Relay7 Digital Hold high to turn on relay 7.
Relay8 Digital Hold high to turn on relay 8.
Shore Digital Pulse to select shore supply.
Open Digital Pulse to disconnect supply
Gen Digital Pulse to select generator supply.
Output Type Description
CircBrk1 Digital Circuit breaker 1 status.
CircBrk2 Digital Circuit breaker 2 status.
CircBrk3 Digital Circuit breaker 3 status.
CircBrk4 Digital Circuit breaker 4 status.
CircBrk5 Digital Circuit breaker 5 status.
CircBrk6 Digital Circuit breaker 6 status.
CircBrk7 Digital Circuit breaker 7 status.
CircBrk8 Digital Circuit breaker 8 status.
Shore Avl Digital Shore input available.
Gen Avl Digital Generator input available.
Out Avl Digital Selected input is available.
Shore Sel Digital Shore input selected.
Gen Sel Digital Generator input selected.
Auto/Man1 Digital Rotary switch position (see below).
Auto/Man2 Digital
GndFault Digital Ground fault (a voltage has been detected between earth and neutral)
Current L1 Analogue (8-bit) The current through L1 (A).
Voltage L1 Analogue (8-bit) The voltage across L1 (V).
Current L2 Analogue (8-bit) The current through L2 (A).
Voltage L2 Analogue (8-bit) The voltage across L2 (V).
Frequency Analogue (10-bit) The A.C. frequency (Hz X 10).
220 Digital L1 and L2 are 180° out of phase.

Rotary switch position

E-Logic Output Rotary Switch Position
Auto/Man1 Auto/Man2
0 0 Off
1 0 Manual 1
0 1 Manual 2
1 1 Auto


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