E-Plex and Victron

A little history

There are two Victron interfaces currently available for E-Plex. The first is called the 218VEI.
It provides an E-Plex to VE.Bus conversion, and is used to control and monitor Phoenix Multi, Phoenix Multi Plus, Phoenix Multi Compact, Phoenix Inverter, Phoenix Inverter Compact & Quattro.
It was originally supplied as an RS232 interface that linked to a Victron MK2b programming interface. Victron then created a specific piece of hardware that simplifies installation.
To provide detailed battery information, including state of charge, the 218VBM was developed. This links to Victron BMV-60xS & BMV-70x ranges, and there is a custom unit available from Victron for this purpose.

Example schematic - note that Victron call the 500CCM the Victron ViewTouch when programmed with their software.

Update: Both interfaces are now available exclusively from E-Plex Ltd.

VE.Bus Interface


  • E-Plex module name: 218VEI
  • Victron product name: VE.Bus to E-Plex protocol Converter (VEC)
  • Link to manual: 218VEI manual
  • Compatible with: Phoenix Multi, Phoenix Inverter, and Quattro (all models). The Phoenix Charger is not supported.

The instruction manual provided by Victron is comprehensive and covers the hardware and software. Here are the key points:

  • Does not provide configuration of the Victron units; use VEConfigure first if required.
  • Does not work with other remotes, but it does work with multiple units in parallel.
  • If you have two units, that are not in parallel, that both need monitoring you will need 2 VEIs.
  • When changing the shore current limit, you will need to know the size of the transfer switch in the unit you are controlling.

The module provides the following information:

  • LED status as provided on the front of the unit
  • Incoming (mains) volts and amps
  • Outgoing (inverter) volts, amps and frequency
  • Battery Volts and Amps
  • DC ripple from the batteries

It allows you to control:

  • Unit status; on, off, charger only, inverter only. Note: The front panel switch on the unit must be in the “On” position for this to work.
  • Shore current limit

BMV Interface


  • E-Plex module name: 218VBM
  • Victron product name: BMV to E-Plex Interface (BEI)
  • Link to manual: 218VBM manual
  • Compatible with: BMV600S, BMV602, BMV602S, BMV600HS

As above, it is worth reading Victron's manual for the product. Here are the key points about the unit:

  • Only reads data from the BMV; does not control it.
  • Configuration is carried out on the BMV.
  • Because the BMV is always powered, it accurately tracks battery status. The E-Plex interface reads the current values from it.

It allows you to monitor:

  • Voltage
  • Amps
  • Consumed Energy
  • State of Charge
  • Time to Go
  • Synchronised

Note that you cannot read the voltage of the second battery on the BMV-602. Synchronised means that the BMV has seen a fully charged state on the battery, and is now tracking the state of charge accurately. It does not have anything to do with E-Plex functionality.

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