218VBM - Victron battery monitor interface


The 218VBM provides an interface to the BMV-60xS and BMV-70x ranges of battery monitors from Victron Energy.


Frequently Asked Questions

With which BMVs does the 218VBM work?

Any BMV with an S in the product name. This currently refers to:

  • BMV-600S
  • BMV-600HS
  • BMV-602S
  • BMV-700
  • BMV-702

The 218VBM will not work with the BMV-600.

Sometimes the data reported from the 218VBM stops tracking the data seen on the display of the BMV. What can be done to fix this?

Older versions for the BMV-60x use a slightly different baud rate (communications speed) to newer versions. If the BMV firmware is older than V2.06, it is necessary to adjust the baud rate in the unique properties of the 218VBM (this requires 218VBM firmware V2.04 or higher). For BMVs with firmware V2.06 or later, this setting should be left on the default value of 19200.

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